Style, Decor & More: *HOT* ALLURE GIVEAWAY - This Week's Hot Giveaways!

*HOT* ALLURE GIVEAWAY - This Week's Hot Giveaways!

Allure continues this week with more *HOT* Allure Giveaways!!!  There will be numerous chances to win great prizes again this week. The giveaways will continue through August.   Listed below are the prizes and times for the third week of August.  You will want to fill out the form and submit it right at the time noted for each particular prize.  All times are EST!  Good Luck!


  1. new follower from alexa hop wouldlove a follow back

  2. Thanks for posting about these. I'm going to try to enter them when the time comes up to do so. By the way, you are this weeks #3 spot for Keepin' Company Thursdays on my blog, The post will go up at my blog at 7 am this morning. Congrats!


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