Style, Decor & More: The Dark Chocolate Bar Dress! Sweet Transition!

The Dark Chocolate Bar Dress! Sweet Transition!

This dress is so versatile you can pair it with a skinny belt, a long cardigan, and any style shoe that fits your need. This deep cocoa dress is plain ol' unbeatable. Be the darling of the dance floor when your spins and steps are led by these glitter-and-lace heels or style it "office conservative" with chic wedge heels. There’s nothing simple about this dress! A whimsical tier falls from its scoop neck, as well as a faux-wrap skirt beneath a fitted waist.
Note: The dress is only available in a size Large. See the review photos for actual women (not models) wearing the dress. It's lovely!

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  1. Love the transition. Thanks, Nancy

  2. Pretty. I am not a fan of brown though. Never have been.


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